Wir entwickeln, begleiten und evaluieren innovative Projekte. Seit 1990 haben wir neben Programmbegleitungen, wissenschaftlicher Begleitforschung, qualitätssichernder Prozessbegleitung innerhalb des  Projektteams und externen Evaluationsstudien in unserer Ideenwerkstatt über 60 Projektideen förderfähig formuliert und aktionsforscherisch unterstützt. Unsere Kompetenzfelder liegen in den Bereichen:

So_WirtS! stands for a new form of cooperation between the business and social systems. The development partnership So_WirtS! developed approaches for dealing with labour market problems in which companies and social institutions from Worms identified acute problems in dialogue, developed ideas for solving them and tested them in practice within projects.


Lernen in Tätigkeiten außerhalb von betrieblichen Arbeitsprozessen ist gerade in Zeiten globaler Veränderungsprozesse interessant. Es ergeben sich Handlungsfelder und gleichfalls Lernfelder für Erhalt und Entwicklung individueller beruflicher Kompetenzen mit bedeutenden Potentialen nicht nur für gesellschaftlich-soziale Integration, sondern darüber hinaus für individuelle, wirtschaftliche und gesellschaftliche Innovationen.

Independent learning in the work process is becoming increasingly important. The project has developed training materials for facilitators of work-integrated and workplace-based learning in SMEs in the service sector.

In particular, smaller businesses in the hotel and restaurant sector usually have neither the time nor the resources to send their staff to external training. The project has developed a concept and materials that give training providers in this sector ideas on how to support the development of effective learning systems in hotels and restaurants.

We developed a system of educational guidance for SMEs. A market-leading training service provider was thus able to better support its customers in identifying learning needs, planning training and further education and evaluating the results. In two inter-company networks, the participating companies have continuously exchanged their experiences.


Wir haben drei Netzwerke regionaler Akteur:innen unterstützt die regionale Lernkultur im Sinne einer „Lernenden Region“ weiterzuentwickeln. So konnte der regionale Weiterbildungsbedarf erkannt werden. Die Akteur:innen verbesserten ihre Kooperation bei der Entwicklung der regionalen Fachkräftebasis.

We have supported the regional actors in establishing the "Learning Region" Schwandorf. In the areas of further education counselling for adults, job seekers and companies, companies and citizens in the region have access to powerful support for their lifelong learning.

The concept of open training offers companies a lot of flexibility to train their apprentices for the specific needs of their company. At the same time, this flexibility requires training to be strategically planned and supported with appropriate learning tools. Together with a regional market-leading training service provider, we have developed an online-supported system of learning and work tasks for the training of mechatronics engineers.

Smaller companies are also increasingly operating internationally. The project has described essential elements of different values in the intercultural communication of companies.

We supported a market-leading training service provider in making better use of the knowledge of its employees in order to adapt the product portfolio to changing political conditions and to systematically anchor innovative capacity in the company. We worked together with a highly innovative group of experts from the programme "Learning Culture Competence Development" and developed generalisable findings and recommendations for the organisational development of sustainable education service providers.

Corporate social responsibility has often been understood as a topic that is primarily relevant to large companies. The project has developed a guideline, based on the experience of social work at Siemens AG, on how smaller companies can also actively shape corporate social responsibility.

Learn & Work

12/2000 – 06/2003

The changing world of work and especially the promotion of a learning culture requires new ways of cooperative problem solving through close collaboration between SMEs and external educational consultants. To initiate and promote a cross-organisational learning culture, we have developed a toolbox that promotes integrated learning and working and collaboration.

Employees are experts in their own work processes. Our concept of process-oriented further training based on this expert knowledge through company learning projects has enabled employees to independently identify their learning needs and to plan, implement and evaluate their learning.