We develop, accompany and evaluate innovative projects. Since 1990, in addition to programme accompaniment and evaluation studies, we have formulated more than 50 project ideas eligible for funding and provided action research support in our ideas workshop. In the following projects we dealt with the topic:

Regional funding

Corporate social responsibility has often been understood as a topic that is primarily relevant to large companies. The project has developed a guideline, based on the experience of social work at Siemens AG, on how smaller companies can also actively shape corporate social responsibility.

We have supported the regional actors in establishing the "Learning Region" Schwandorf. In the areas of further education counselling for adults, job seekers and companies, companies and citizens in the region have access to powerful support for their lifelong learning.

We supported a market-leading training service provider in making better use of the knowledge of its employees in order to adapt the product portfolio to changing political conditions and to systematically anchor innovative capacity in the company. We worked together with a highly innovative group of experts from the programme "Learning Culture Competence Development" and developed generalisable findings and recommendations for the organisational development of sustainable education service providers.