We are an interdisciplinary and transnational team of social scientists, economists and journalists. Our home is Europe. Our topic is education and innovation. Since 1990, we have been passionate about improving education and training systems, creating better opportunities for people from all social and local backgrounds, and using new technologies and entrepreneurship to tackle social challenges. To do this, we are privileged to work with more than 200 partners in almost every country in Europe.

We develop, accompany, and evaluate innovative projects. We help practitioners to analyse problems in their everyday practice, to plan and implement interventions effectively, and to evaluate the experiences so that they can be used by all interested parties. To this end, we use national and European research funding from, e.g., the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or the European Commission. With our experience from more than 50 funded projects, we make project proposals realisalbe by helping with the formulation to make them eligible for funding, by implementing them effectively, by communicating them in a targeted manner and by proving their effectiveness on the basis of evidence. Our areas of expertise lie in corporate education, digital transformation, regional development, entrepreneurship and the shaping of a social and inclusive migration society. The idea of sustainability guides our actions in all of these fields.

We stand in the tradition of action research. We support the improvement of social practice with scientific means such as qualitative and quantitative data analysis, literature evaluation, model building and evidence-based communication of pilot projects. In our projects, the action knowledge of experienced practitioners meets scientific theory building and application. We do not research about practice, but in and with it. This is how effective innovation emerges.  In our projects we act as a "critical friend". We encourage our partners to question things critically and to tackle new issues. We are united by the joy of learning with and from each other. Our partners see us as an innovative, practice-oriented and reliable supporter.