Learning Region Schwandorf County (LernReg)

Funding informations

Project duration: 07/2001 – 06/2006

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Funding guideline: Lernende Regionen – Förderung von Netzwerken

Project concept

Initial situation

Rural areas have diverse potentials. However, access to suitable educational opportunities is often more difficult. This applies to individuals looking for suitable further education offers, job seekers as well as companies. Based on the concept of the "Learning Region in Europe", the project set impulses for the development of a learning and counselling agency, which should network the actors, identify educational needs and advise those interested in education.

Target groups and their benefits

The LernReg project was aimed at the public and private educational institutions in the region, whose offers are to be more strongly oriented towards the leitmotif of "lifelong learning". This requires greater attention to the needs and wishes of the people and businesses in the region.

Project goal

The LernReg project aimed to achieve a sustainable improvement in the training, employment and living situation of all citizens in the region through an education offensive. To this end, a regional education and counselling infrastructure was established that strengthens the personal development, ability to act and employability of the people in the region.

Role of ISOB

ISOB was responsible for the scientific monitoring of the project. For this purpose, the approach of action research was chosen and a formative and summative evaluation was integrated. ISOB supports the coordination of the development project, which is based on the needs and requirements, wishes and interests of the regional actors, and supports them in the independent conception and implementation of the project.

Products and publications

  • Establishment of a regional education and guidance infrastructure (e.g. learning and guidance agency, learning service centres, learning station) for regional formal learning opportunities (e.g. school, vocational training, further education) as well as for non-formal and informal learning
  • Creation of a coordination office for the sub-projects and introduction of a learning management system as well as a marketplace for educational offers
  • Implementation of measures and activities of the "Learning Region Schwandorf" network



  • Germany: Partner Offene Schule 2001 e.V. 
  • Germany: Lernende Region Schwandorf e.V.  
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

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The project was successfully completed and positively evaluated.

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