Modular qualification concept for training specialists in SMEs for the implementation of open training in the vocational field of mechatronics (QUAM)

Funding informations

Project duration: 09/2002 – 02/2006

Project code number: FKZ D 582100 B

Funding guideline: Gesellschaft für Arbeits- und Wirtschaftsförderung des Freistaats Thüringen mbH (GFAW) aus Mitteln des ESF

Project concept

Initial situation

The technical-economic change in the economy has become part of everyday life. In modern companies, more and more work is done in teams in the production departments. They are then usually responsible not only for the productive process, but also for the quality of the product. For skilled workers, this means not only having the new competences required for teamwork, but also being able to competently take higher-level business aspects into account in their work. 

The training regulations have been adapted so that future trainees can acquire these competences. The companies have the task of integrating the extended competences as a company task within the framework of the training. Ideally, this should take the form of open training, in order to ensure work-integrated learning by means of in-company learning and work tasks and to learn how to act confidently. However, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular lack the experience to adapt organisational training processes to the new requirements.

Target groups and their benefits

The QUAM project is aimed at education experts and practitioners in initial and continuing vocational education and training who are to acquire further competences in order to integrate the adapted training regulations in a way that is appropriate for the company, to formulate suitable learning and work tasks and to ensure learning in the reality of the company. In addition, decision-makers in politics and business are addressed in order to draw attention to the technical and economic changes and their consequences for human resources.

Project goal

The QUAM project aims to support training SMEs in integrating the new training regulations. With the help of open training, proximity to company reality is to be established and company-specific learning and work tasks are to be developed. In cooperation with SMEs, service offers and a modular qualification concept are being developed to help them improve the action competences for those responsible for training.

Role of ISOB

ISOB was responsible for advising the product development and evaluating the test results as scientific support in the pilot project.

Products and publications

  • Carrying out an analysis and optimisation of the training organisation in the companies
  • Development of a comprehensive system to support skilled workers in training in the field of mechatronics, in particular the conception and testing of a modular qualification for the further pedagogical training of staff in in-company training, using the example of training to become a "mechatronics engineer 
  • Creation of training support materials for SMEs for the implementation of open design training



  • Germany: Protege GmbH, Greiz
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

The project was successfully completed and positively evaluated.

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