We develop, accompany and evaluate innovative projects. Since 1990, in addition to programme accompaniment and evaluation studies, we have formulated more than 50 project ideas eligible for funding and provided action research support in our ideas workshop. In the following projects we dealt with the topic:


Medicine thrives on the successful communication between patients and health professionals. The "serious game" developed in the project helps health professionals to develop their communication skills through play in a safe and error-friendly environment.

In recent years, a variety of tools and methods for using digital media in vocational education and training have been developed. Employees with little affinity to written texts can especially benefit from audiovisual media. The project brings together good practices from the partner countries and develops a competence profile of digital learning coaches.

Our world is permeated by digital media. Technical instructions are not very attractive for most users. Digital storytelling is an alternative to communicate the way we use everyday digital media and to present them as "everyday heroes." The project develops handouts for educational service providers and product developers to use digital storytelling methods for effective communication with users.

A good command of English is a basic skill for tourism workers. The still developing language skills in many European countries show that conventional teaching has not yet reached many people working in tourism. This is where practice-oriented teaching videos can help. The project has developed a system with which hotels and restaurants can convert typical work and interaction situations into short language teaching videos.