European virtual design studio for interactive industrial design (EINstudio)

Funding informations

Project duration: 01.12.2021 – 01.06.2024

Project code number: D KA220-HED-12350878

Funding guideline: KA220-HET – Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Project concept

Initial situation

The design studio is a physical, social and cultural place where students can simulate real-world practice, without the associated risks and with expert tutor:ing support. Parallel to the rapid development of communication technologies, digital media are now used in every phase of the design process. In this way, education has become accessible anytime, anywhere, and traditional methods have gradually faded into the background.

Target groups and their benefits

The EINstudio project is aimed at university lecturers in industrial design who would like to make greater use of digital media and innovative design technologies in their teaching. The aim is to create a virtual design studio that offers students, teachers and experts a collaborative working environment to realise joint projects and work together in an interdisciplinary way.

Project goal

The EINstudio project aims to create a European virtual design studio for industrial design in higher education institutions in order to bring together different technological and pedagogical aspects and the practices of the physical world of design culture. Specifically, the project aims to improve students' virtual industrial design skills and strengthen international and intercultural exchange.

Role of ISOB

ISOB leads the internal quality assurance, coordinates data collection and analysis of user feedback. ISOB also provides support in dissemination.

Products and planned publications

  • Establishment of a sustainable, European virtual design studio for industrial design and creation of a virtual material laboratory as well as integration of augmented design solutions to humanise the proposed industrial design concepts.
  • Pilot and conduct digital literacy training workshops on virtual mechanisms and production and design methods.
  • Creation of a guide for virtual industrial design studios that focuses on the sustainability of the results
  • Establishment of a transnational network for industrial design



  • Turkey: Gazi University
  • Portugal: Storytellme, Unipessoal Lda.
  • Portugal: Universidade Da Beira Interior
  • Spain: Universidad De Alicante
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

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Newsletter im Erasmus+ Projekt EINstudio

In unserem Erasmus+ Projekt EINstudio geht es bald in die Phase der Erprobung. Das Erasmus+ Projekt EINstudio richtet sich an Hochschullehrende des Industriedesigns, die verstärkt digitale Medien und innovative Designtechnologien...

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