Pandemic defence using digital media and technologies in higher education and vocational training (PRUDMET)

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Project duration: 01.05.2021 – 30.04.2023

Project concept

Initial situation

Before the Covid 19 pandemic, higher education increasingly used digital media for learning (e.g. PowerPoint or online learning platforms), but the range of technologies has greatly expanded. For example, almost all higher education staff are required to use videoconferenced classrooms and integrate video presentations into their learning modules. These changes have been made in an ad hoc manner without sufficient training and consideration of the design and pedagogical implications of technology adoption. In addition, there is pressure to use technology in ways that HEIs did not anticipate. Consequently, there is a need for competence-building measures to support this change process.

Target groups and their benefits

The PRUDMET project is aimed at higher education staff who want to broaden and deepen their digital skills. They should acquire competence in using a wider range of digital media and technologies and the ability to integrate them into the design of their teaching programmes so that they can have the greatest possible impact.

Project goal

The PRUDMET project addresses the need to support higher education staff to master a wider range of digital media and technologies and to incorporate them into their teaching and learning programmes. Building on the work of other projects addressing digital media literacy and using workshops, mentoring and online video guides, measures are being developed to support higher education staff.

Role of ISOB

ISOB supports as external scientific accompanying research to support internal quality assurance, promotes self-evaluation of the project team and evaluates the quality of project implementation.

Products and planned publications

  • Competence matrix for the design and use of digital media and technologies in higher education teaching
  • Workshops and handbook to support trainers
  • Workshops, mentoring process, video guides and online portal



  • UK (Project coordination): University of Gloucestershire
  • Slovenia: International School for Social and Business Studies
  • Spain: Universidad de Alicante
  • Lithuania: Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas

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Lernmanagementplattform im Erasmus+ Projekt PrudMet

Vor der Covid-19-Pandemie wurden im Hochschulbereich zwar zunehmend digitale Medien für das Lernen eingesetzt (z.B. PowerPoint oder Online-Lernplattformen), allerdings hat sich das Spektrum an Technologien stark erweitert. Beispielsweise müssen fast...

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Multiplikator:innenevent in Alicante im Projekt PRUDMET

Im März 2023 fand eine „Train the Trainers“-Veranstaltung im ERASMUS+-geförderten Projekt PRUDMET in Alicante statt. Das Projekt PRUDMET richtet sich an Hochschulmitarbeitende, die ihre Digitalkompetenzen – besonders wegen der gestiegenen...

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