We develop, accompany, and evaluate innovative projects. Since 1990, in addition to programme monitoring and evaluation studies, we have formulated more than 50 project ideas eligible for funding and provided action research support in our think tank. Our fields of competence are in the areas of:

The project shows a method for simple and reliable self-evaluation of teachers through 360 degree feedback in different quality dimensions.

The European Union has described a system of key competences for lifelong learning. The project has underpinned this framework with learning materials for each of these competences.

Employees are the decisive experts in their work processes. However, knowledge is often lost during generational changes in companies. The project has developed a process model that enables companies to document the tacit knowledge of retiring employees at an early stage and ensure that it is passed on to the next generation.

Learning in the work process has received increasing attention. The project described at a very early stage the competences and the job profile of facilitators of work-integrated learning.

Promoting the personal and professional development of all employees is an essential part of corporate social responsibility. The project has developed a compact concept of 6 counselling workshops of 3 hours each, which enables companies to develop a needs-based learning system for their employees.

We have supported SMEs in strategically planning on-the-job training. In this way, the SMEs' need for skilled workers could be met and additional training places were created. Very small companies in particular were able to attract trainees.

The project organised the exchange of experiences of workplace learning practitioners in Europe and documented the results in an advisory guide.

In the FAIR plus development partnership, a network of various organisations and companies in the city and region of Nuremberg was formed to develop and test methods and concepts for overcoming discrimination and inequalities in the labour market. FAIR plus thus contributes to the design of work that promotes integration.

We had the idea to compile the developed learning contents for tourism competences in an educational suitcase. The educational case contains scripts, books, CD-ROMs and also educational vouchers, which development partnerships primarily address for people interested in tourism who are unemployed and further qualify low-skilled employees in the tourism industry in order to secure their jobs in the long term.

So_WirtS! stands for a new form of cooperation between the business and social systems. The development partnership So_WirtS! developed approaches for dealing with labour market problems in which companies and social institutions from Worms identified acute problems in dialogue, developed ideas for solving them and tested them in practice within projects.