Flexible and individual forms of learning in personnel development (FILIP)

Funding informations

Project duration: 08/2003 – 07/2007

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Project concept

Initial situation

Workplace learning is one of the most important innovation trends in the first decade of the 21st century. The flexibilisation and stronger process orientation of in-company training, but also a wide range of continuing education opportunities, make it necessary to make continuing education offers and formats more flexible and personalised. This is a challenge and development task for training service providers in particular. 

Target groups and their benefits

The FILIP project was aimed at managers who want to deal with their new task as learning facilitators and acquire competences for this. The concepts developed make innovative contributions to the strategic and autonomous competence development of employees in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Project goal

The FILIP project contributes to the strategic development of employee competences in SMEs. It develops a guidance concept and guidelines to support lifelong learning in SMEs in order to strengthen the guidance competence of managers, promote informal learning in SMEs and build a community of practice.

Role of ISOB

ISOB was responsible for advising the product development and evaluating the project results as scientific support in the pilot project.

Products and publications

  • Development of a toolbox in the form of counselling guidelines with comprehensive materials
  • Preparation of publications for the dissemination of the project results



  • Germany (project coordination): Forschungsinstitut betriebliche Bildung (f-bb)
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

Associated partners

  • Germany: Companies from the "Allgäu und Bodensee" network: Hochland AG, Liebherr, Liebherr-Aeropspace Lindenberg GmbH, VauDe & Co. KG
  • Germany: Companies from the "Oberbayern" network: Stadtwerke Rosenheim – Müllheizkraftwerk, Maschinenbau Mühldorf (mbm), ALPMA Rott

The project was successfully completed and positively evaluated.

We will be happy to provide you with the project results on request. For further information, please contact our Team.