AspiRing enTrepreneurIaI families to perpetuate cultural buSiness Across geNerations (ARTISAN)

Funding informations

Project duration: 09/2016 – 08/2018

Project code number: 016-1-CY01-KA204-017335

Funding guideline: Erasmus+ KA 2: Strategic Partnerships in Adult Education

Project concept

Initial situation

The majority of businesses in Europe are small and medium-sized enterprises. Particularly challenging for small family businesses is the successful handover of the business from generation to generation. Especially in the rural areas of Southern Europe, there is an obvious need for effective future-proofing of business operations in agro-tourism and handicrafts.

Target groups and their benefits

The ARTISAN project was aimed at entrepreneurs of family businesses and traditional craft enterprises in rural areas in Southern Europe. The aim was to create target group-oriented support structures that would help them to maintain their business operations over generations. 

Project goal

The ARTISAN project aimed to develop an innovative training programme with appropriate support materials and structures to help family businesses for cultural and tourism offers and businesses in the handicraft production of traditional products to professionalise and strengthen their entrepreneurial skills across generations.

Role of ISOB

ISOB leads the internal quality assurance and coordinates the data collection and analysis of user feedback.

Products and publications

  • Inventory analysis of existing support services and needs analysis for family businesses in agro-tourism and traditional handicraft production
  • Development of a target group-oriented training programme and audio-visual learning materials in the form of a Learning management system, piloting and dissemination of the results via YouTube
  • Evaluation of the user feedback



  • Cyprus (project coordination): UCLAN - University of Lancaster, Campus Larnaca
  • Cyprus: GrantXpert Consulting Ltd                    
  • France: EDHEC Business School
  • Italy: University of Palermo
  • Portugal: University de Beira Interior
  • Spain: University Castillia-La Mancha
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH             

Website and social media

The project was successfully completed and positively evaluated.

We will be happy to provide you with the project results on request. For further information, please contact our Team.