Gamified healthcare simulation based on Artificial Intelligence for the acquisition of communication skills and surgical decision-making with the patient (surgicalCOMM)

Funding information

Project duration: 09/2022 – 08/2025

Project code number: 2022-1-ES01-KA220-HED-000086431

Funding guideline: KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education

Project concept

Initial situation

There are currently no resources that provide remote training in patient:care skills for employees in healthcare facilities. Existing eLearning offerings are limited to MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) and have a high dropout rate. Patient:in communication skills training requires the presence of a trainer and is very time consuming and expensive. The surgicalCOMM project aims to create a solution that works without the presence of a trainer, thus improving the overall quality of healthcare.

Target groups and their benefits

The target group for the surgicalCOMM project are medical students and active health professionals who want to improve their skills in patient:inside communication and care. In particular, employees are to be trained in communication in connection with surgical procedures in which a high degree of sensitivity to the patient:inside is required.

Project goal

The project aims to develop a virtual simulation tool based on artificial intelligence to improve the communication and decision-making skills of healthcare professionals in the surgical field. This is expected to improve the quality of healthcare. Concrete results are a digital platform for training communication and decision-making skills, as well as a higher effectiveness compared to the traditional method.

Role of ISOB

ISOB is responsible for quality control and evaluation in the surgicalCOMM project. In addition, ISOB supports the dissemination of the project results.

Products and publications

  • Provide a digital environment for training and practicing patient communication skills for universities and healthcare institutions.



  • Spain: Ingenio Labs
  • Portugal: University of Porto
  • Germany: Institut für sozialwissenschaftliche Beratung GmbH

Associated partners

  • France: European Surgical Association
  • Spain: Murciano Institute of Biosanitary Reasearch

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Kick-Off Meeting im Erasmus+ Projekt SurgicalComm

Am 31. Januar 2023 fand das virtuelle Kick-off-Meeting des Erasmus+ Projektes Gamifizierte Gesundheitssimulation auf Grundlage von künstlicher Intelligenz zum Erwerb von Kommunikationsfähigkeiten und chirurgischen Entscheidungen mit den Patient:innen (surgicalCOMM)“ statt,...

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