We develop, accompany and evaluate innovative projects. Since 1990, in addition to programme accompaniment and evaluation studies, we have formulated more than 50 project ideas eligible for funding and provided action research support in our ideas workshop. In the following projects we dealt with the topic:


We have developed an innovative online methods course for graduates with disabilities that helps them to acquire the necessary social skills and find a job in their desired field of work.

A high proportion of young people who are not in education, employment, training or employment ("NEET") is a noticeable social problem, especially in Southern Europe. We have developed a model for the coordination of effective social inclusion measures that is suitable for designing regional action programmes for the integration of NEETs.

Underage, unaccompanied refugees face difficult challenges on the threshold of adulthood. Protection as minors ends. They risk falling into gaps in institutional support that overwhelm them and jeopardise integration. The project has developed a system of regional transition management, policy recommendations and a learning programme for actors in the system. The system is suitable for reflection and improvement of the existing mechanisms of transition by the actors.

Many European countries are shaped by migration. However, most education systems and the training of teachers are still strongly oriented towards the culture and expectations of the traditional majority society. This leads to the exclusion of growing parts of the youth from educational opportunities and a reduction of the skilled labour potential in an increasingly ageing society. The project has developed recommendations and learning materials to support a transcultural perspective of those working in the education system.