Sensoric Summer School is looking for participants

We would like to recommend to any students, recent graduates, company representatives, and interested parties to participate in the 15th SPS Sensorik Summer School from 31. August to 2. September 2021. As a cross-sectional technology, sensors are used in a comprehensive and multifaceted range of high-tech developments. In the Sensorik Summer School, you will gain exclusive insights into the fields of activity and developments of SPS member companies on three hands-on days. Experience how robots learn SLAM, discover high-performing camera systems, and the application of integrated circuits, e.g., in high-tech x-ray applications. Learn how sensors are used for quality control in polymer processing. Explore how mobility, digitalization, and security can be reconciled and find out how sensor technology is used in electrical power systems. This journey will take you all over Bavaria and include stops in state-of-the-art companies and institutions opening their doors for you. Use the opportunity and meet decision-makers, learn about the latest technological advances, and network with competent sensor specialists. More information, including the link to register, at:

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